Letra de Reptilian Triangle - Virulence

Letra de canción de Reptilian Triangle de Virulence lyrics

Waves of strength and angry rapture surge in scenarios
Where harm or gain to reproduction grows
Fight or flight response triggered by rules
By objects sculpted by death's own tools
Like a cool blanket of cortical mass
Checking burning primal coals
Followed by fabled hope of depraved struggle's tolls
My objective faculty steers me for
An odd intrusive experiment of self-deplore
Mental scenario - mirrors alpha glow
Extroverted leaps - signal energies
Carnivore caressed - prehensile limb expressed
Emergency pathway
Triune split
Mid-region mediation,
Upper override quit
Flat skull caps indicative of agonistic schemes
Seeking violent conflict through self-promoting genes
Social primates, human children
Organize in hierarchies
Facial intimidations
Hint emotional anarchy
These are remnants of chaos
Rank diagnoses serve as keys
To peoples once living within
Reptilian societies
Tiny fists clenched,
Tugging fearlessly
Orange hair and scalp dangling freely
Wake with wasted fuel from ideal scenes
Scramble for seat in social colosseum

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