Letra de Into You - Gloria Estefan

Letra de canción de Into You de Gloria Estefan lyrics

I feel the blood inside of me
Moving faster than ever
Every time I dare to think
Of you and me here together
I can feel your hands unleash
The fettered thoughts of my mind
Every thrill you care to seek
I'll make sure that you find
Into you, I will find a way
Don't be scared to come out and play
Into you there's a passageway
Where I'll vanish without a trace
I feel the sweetest agony
Growing stronger than ever
I see you standing on the brink
Once you jump you'll be better
Underneath the urgency where there's nothing but time
I'll take you down and let you drink
Of the headiest wine
Breathe it in
It's getting more intense
We're only the sum
Of our experience

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