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Letra de canción de Happy Now de Amy Studt lyrics

Happy now, I wonder are you, happy now?

Now that you've had me..and i'm on my own, all alone.

Are you happy now?

I recall the way you always looked at me, you chose those words effectively to work your way, inside of me.

I had so much to give, but you didn't have to take it all. The pain i'm left with, i'm wondering, are you happy now? Are

you happy now?

Happy now, I wonder, are you still happy now? Now that i've left you and you're on your own,

All alone, are you happy now?

What goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down down down. Why did it take me so long to see you make me so

unhappy ooh?

And now I know, and now I know.

Happy now, guess you could say i'm happy now. We'll meet again some day some how. But until then, look whose happy, look

whose happy, look whose happy now. (guess you could say i'm happy now, guess you could say i'm happy now.)

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