Acorde de Warm It Up (With Love) - Brandy

Letra de Warm It Up (With Love)

Standard Tunning. Capo on 4th fret.

Opening: Em G C2 C Dsus2

Em G

Only bout a day left till the world falls apart

C2 C G Dsus2

Wishin' we could press restart, feeling like it's time for change

Em G

Gotta be a reason why we loose our minds,


everyone's wrong but everyones right.

C G Dsus2

Tell me why we make it, so complicated, what are we gonna do

Em G

Can't let go when i fall

C2 C G Dsus2

Can't hang up, over call, when we feel so alone

Em G

Everyone's watching me


C2 C G Dsus2

And i pray when you bleed, i love when you love, i cry when you cry

[Repeat these chords until change]


C Em

It's like the pendant is broken, class act this place i'm hopin'


We make it out alive, downside its looking better

C Em

I need some help, i want it, strong enough to do this for me

Dsus2 C2 Esus4 B7

There's nobody here but us

[Repeat original chords] Em G C2 C Dsus2

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Human

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