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Letra de canción de No Chorus de Zierler lyrics

Fuck the norm
Turn the tide
Why do anything the normal way
When we can do it the right way
Call it disrespect - call it whatever you like
I'm going against the pre-estabilished rules
For the sake of not "following" everyone

We don't see things as they are - oh no
We see them as we are
Don't look where you fail, but where you slipped
And when you lose
Don't lose de lesson
Call it disrespect
This song has no chorus
Call it insane, Call it humor - Call it whatever you like
This song has no chorus

What is sanity? We all intuetively know what is
But how can we explain what sanity means?
As a legal term it simply means having "normal"
or "sound" powers of mind
But what does one consider normal - moreover
who decides this?
In fact, our whole society may
deem certain acts as insane while it may only
be a question of cultural difference
It comes down to traditions ans customs and
an underlaying implicit set of rules and standarts

When you think of a norm, you are probably
thinking about being normal
But norm means a standart or representative
value for a group
In music meaning expectations about song
structures, what behaviours are appropriate
within a given context
I'm so bored with verse, bridge and chorus
I'm bore with any typical standarts

I'm bored with people who lack the motivation to
achieve and live off others
Go fetch the courage that you need to declarateyour freedom
I'm bored with people
Not allowing others thoughts by man-made rules
This song has no chorus
There are written and there're unwritten rules of
how you should write songs
This song has no chorus

In society we the people decide what is normal
and abnormal. So stop for a minute
and re-evaluate
Many people believe that wrong things aren't
wrong if they are done by nice people
like themselves
Large groups of people can be convinced into
acting in a way that is considered
sane or insane to another group
it happens all the time
Understand that our knowledge of music is limited
So stop pretending to be what you are not
Stop act in contradition to your own stated beliefs
Politness - The most acceptable hipocrisy

I believe that "insane" could be thought os as
"unhindered by
reality, by expectations, by The Man's limitations"

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