Acorde de Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones

Letra de Play With Fire

(Intro) E  B  E  A  C#m


Well you got your diamonds

And you got your pretty clothes

And the chauffeur drives your car

You let everybody know, but

(chorus) E B A


Don't Play with me, Cause you're playin' with fire.


Your mother, she's an heiress

Own's a block in Saint John's woods

And your father-----rd be there with her

If he only could. but


(chorus), instr. chorus


Your old man took her diamonds

And tiara's by the score

Now she gets her kicks in Steadly

Not in Knights Bridge anymore, so



Now you got some diamonds

And you will add some others

But you better watch your step girl

Or start living with you mother, so, (chorus X 2)

El acorde de Play With Fire de The Rolling Stones es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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