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Letra de canción de You Know The Surface de Cycle lyrics

Hey you
you can arrest me
to run a state without
to run a race
to meek alike
two on a wait
we're not in sight
with me
you're never right
by you
to run a rex
I might be right under
your sex
we turn around we few
they'll send the rest
for me
ow we say
where's my fuckin' medicine
you'll never sell
for me
you've never been
you'd know
you're not a saint you're not the victor
know your place
you know the surface
we know the core
Hey you
now you're molesting me
to fill a hole
don't wanna burn another crumb
another night
were not afraid to be
a clever hand on you
to bill a box
break a bottle on your
we burn it down
we do
break up a nest to see
now we shout
revolution will begin!
I'll never bow
to you
you'll bend a knee to me
I'm not the priest
just a bastard in your face!
you know the surface
we know the core
you know the surface
we know the core.

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