Letra de Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra - Behexen

Letra de canción de Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra de Behexen lyrics

Hau-Hra - breaker of lies
Serpent without beginning or end
Open your coil of death
And awake from the waters of Nun
Across the timeless aeon
Through the constituents of worlds
From the midst of the purple maelstrom
From the eye of chaos - rise now Apep!
Open the gates to your dimension
And let your sparkling sea flood
Clean this soulless world
And let it drown, eternally
Accept my bloody offering
That Fills the silver chalice
Let it be my humble donation
For you, beginning of chaos
I extend my arm to you
Adversary of Maat
Strike your poison into my flesh
And take me to your realm
Hear your newborn child
Serpent of darkness
destroyer of the sun
Make me now, your wrathful knife
Which carves out the heart of your enemy
All hail Apep Saatet-ta
Praised be the devourer

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