Letra de Wrath of the Universe - Arch / Matheos

Letra de canción de Wrath of the Universe de Arch / Matheos lyrics

The singularity, the day of awakening breaking
The phantoms aware, inside you in a parallel universe
A blackhole anomaly devouring all left in its wake
For heaven's sake, all shall feel the wrath of the universe...

Children of the sun, now what have you done?
Seems your mother's crying-
You've bitten the hand that feeds you
Bleeds for you, she's on her knees
For every beat of your heart for you

Once upon a time, again
They all die climbing over the broken bones
Of those who tried before them
Visionary eyes, sewn closed
Blindly search for he-who-knows

Insidious seeds of greed breed evil
Serpentine their roots, strangling life from itself
Avaricia, Acedia-
It's high noon with the noonday devil

Wrath of the universe
Feel her surround you
Wrath of the universe
She will devour you

Equilibrium of the pendulum swing
Set in perfect balance and synchronicity
Light to black and back again, spinning into oblivion

Terminators with supercolliders
Like mischievous children always tinkering things off-kilter
Contradicter, equalizer- macrocosm creep inside her

So you want to be your own gods?
Who you going to pray to then when it all comes down?
(When the sky comes falling down on you)

Strange voices speaking tongues
When lies became the truth and it all dies down
(When it all comes raining down on you)

Parallel worlds colliding
She'll eradicate to balance
The cancer, the poison
They will all be washed away

The passion for revenge goes beyond the sense of reason
Your narcissistic ghosts are coming back to haunt you

Mother, she has given all and yet
They take what is forbidden and give nothing in return
Mother, your children have betrayed you
As they drain the lifeblood from your still-beating heart
Mother, from womb to tomb, the self-anointed
Demagogues believe they create where they stand
Madmen! They trudge across the dust and stones
Of remnant thrones gone so long before them

Sunrise, a gift to grace our tired eyes-
Twilight preludes the songbirds
Another day of following shadows
In fields of thorns and seasons of withering

A mystery, a parallel uni-mind
A blackhole singularity that breathes
Tellurian, a dark-soul anomaly
That swallows everything in its wake

Ghost ships sail so precariously
In nefarious waters of dark iniquity
Still she'll spin around
Long beyond the traces of them never found

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