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Letra de canción de Wonderful Tonight de Damage lyrics

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
It’s late in the evening
She’s wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her makeup and brushes her long brown hair
And then she asks meeh
Do I look alright?
And I say yes you look wonderful tonight

We go to a party
And everyone turns to see
this beautiful lady (beautiful lady)
who’s walkin around with meeh
And then she asks meeh
Do I feel alright
(I say) And I say yes
I feel wonderful tonight

I feel wonderful
because I see
the love that’s right in your eye
and the wonder of it all
is that you just dont realize
how much I love you (I really do)

It’s time to go home now(yes it is)
And I’ve got an achin hand
So I give her the car keys
And she helps meeh into bed
And then I tell her as I turn down the lights
I say darlin you were wonderful tonight

I said darlin you were wonderful tonight
you look wonderful you’re everythin I need and more
you look wonderful so beautiful tonight
you look wonderful you neva leave meeh wonderin
(fade out)

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