Letra de White Hassle - Adrenalin O.d.

Letra de canción de White Hassle de Adrenalin O.d. lyrics

It's four in the morning
Had a rough night
Got back from Irving Plaza
Thought I'd stop in for a bite
Put up with all the druggies
Only place open late
A little short on money
And the burgers are 28 cents

It's my turn at the window
Got number 48
Four burgers, large orange,
Fries an onion rings
I ain't getting smart with you
You're lucky you're in that cage
If you were standing next to me
I'd punch you in the face

I don't know why you get so mad
I paid you all in change
You have to count the little coins
What a fuckin pain
You're just a pain in my asshole
Safe behind your little screen
Got a cop in with you too

You think that you are real tough
You hind behind your cage
I'd take all my money
And throw it in your face
Real tough getting tough with me
When I can't get at you
I'm not here for your attitude
I just came for the food

I don't want no White Hassles
I just came for White Castles

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