Letra de Weak Link - Bess Rogers

Letra de canción de Weak Link de Bess Rogers lyrics

I tried to change but all I did was spin in place.
It's so much easier just to stay the same.
Could you love me like this,
With all these broken pieces?

Cause if you always do, then I'll never get better.
If I have you,

I'll be your weak link,
Holding everything back.
Yeah your weak link,
Making everyone mad.
I'll be the lost cause,
You don't want to give up,
I'll be the weak link,
You can't help but love.

I watch myself do the things that I hate.
I watch my body disobey.
Could you forgive me, my flaws,
Even with the pain they cause?

Cause if you always do,
Then I'll never get better,
If I have you,

(Repeat Chorus)

Holding me up, keeps you down,
Ties your love, to the ground,
What would you be, if you'd let go of me.

(Repeat Chorus)

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