Letra de Voidgazer - Harakiri For The Sky

Letra de canción de Voidgazer de Harakiri For The Sky lyrics

To all those who acquiesced these scars
Just because they loved the person holding the knife:
It's getting-even time... ...for those I love, I'll sacrifice...
And I'll slit their throats with the knife they left in my back

Some say time heals
But I'm pretty sure that's a lie
What they really mean
Is that you will eventually get used to the void
You will simply forget
Who you were without it
You'll forget what you looked like
Without all these scars

You look like a winter night
My scars hold your dreams
I could sleep inside the cold of you
The hole in your heart that won't close

Your breath resembles the kiss of death
Causing my thirst, holding these scars
Together we drank merely gangrene
Although without hesitation... ...down in one...

You see, love could be labeled poison
Fuck it... ...we would drink it anyway
Now this river will cleanse away our traces
May the bridges I burn light your way

Only the injured truly understand the wounded
Everything I touch turns into quicksand anyway
Sadly this life is my noose... ...please hang me higher
I am this grave with a view... ...the so-called void...

So why do you trouble yourself, my heart?
Maybe this wayfare will kill us
But weren't we dying anyway?

...weren't we dying anyway?

Cause only the injured can truly understand the wounded
When everything they touch turns into quicksand
Sadly this life is their noose, come on hang them higher
We are this grave with a view... ...we are... ...this void...

Thousand miles down the river, thousand winters upstream
What were we expecting, what did we bide to signify?
You may have been here, but you left the place very early
So let me go, let me leave! I never meant to stay anyway...

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