Letra de Veins - Jazmine Sullivan

Letra de canción de Veins de Jazmine Sullivan lyrics

When did you realize that addiction was your life?
The first time I pushed it through my veins. The hug it gave me, I never experienced in my life. It wouldn't let me go
Writings on the wall but I can't see the words
It's, right in front of me but my vision is blurred
And, Is this love that makes the clear eye blurred?
Is this love that has me losing my mind
When he calls your name and you just gotta have it
Love me all the wrong ways, my bad habit
Hold me close, while you take me away
(I just wanna scream your name)
Ooh I like that
Ooh t-t-tap that
I'm a call you daddy
(You make me go insane)
Ooh do me right
Do me all night

Cause you give me life
Runnin' through my veins
Runnin' through my veins
Now I can't live without him 'cause he's all that I breathe
I don't hang out much 'cause he's all that I need
This crazy intoxicating kind of feel
One day might be the death of me, oh
Hit it once, feels so good, hurt so bad, had enough
Pull me back, tear me out, fuck me up
I never know, at least we go together babe
(Just stay with me and It'll only love (?))
Forget about your worries, live it out like we're young
Cause life's too short not to have fun
You be holding it down
Knock a couple more rounds
That feel good pain while you're running through my, my

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