Letra de Up All Night - Tracy Lawrence

Letra de canción de Up All Night de Tracy Lawrence lyrics

Yeah I'm a little tired I'm a little wired four pots of coffee in the last eight hours
Pacing the floor all the way through late late movies and the early cartoons
Now you're wantin' me to believe you ain't foolin' around on me
Even through bloodshot eyes I can see right through your lies
I might've been born yesterday but I've been up all night

Despite the caffeine and the lack of visine I'm not as wide eyed as I seem
You left looking fine now you come back home
Your hair messed up and your blouse buttoned wrong
I'd have to be a fool to believe anything you're telling me
Even through bloodshot eyes...

Never went quite as far as loving you blind
But you had me in the dark for a long long time
Now you're looking at a man who's seen the light so pardon the way I look
Sunset to sunrise haven't slept a wink but I feel like I just woke up
Even through bloodshot eyes...
But I've been up I've been up I've been up I've been up all night

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