Letra de Unraveling Paradise - Goatwhore

Letra de canción de Unraveling Paradise de Goatwhore lyrics

Sealed in this turmoil of solitude, devoid of hope
Exiled to this abyss of a cold embrace
Suppress these wounds of resentment, absorb the pain
Strength emerging from the insult of shame
Descend into the mouth of leviathan, trance of night
Become complete within this piercing darkness

Construct a great cenotaph of apocalypse, ascending the sky
Sacrificial edifice extending far beyond the stars
Where the shadows become one with flesh, entwined in death
Ravaging swarm, only desires the taste of collapse

Ancient flame of knowledge, secrets of a vengeful nature
Fires erupt, from this isolation
Archaic attributes, consumed in the earth
Instinct invades, reaching the core of rage

Condemned soul from this core of hell, defy this scourge
Avenging statue, conjure the legions of damnation
Rise fourth and break free, form this devout punishment
In the distance you hear the menace of the devils own

Moaning trumpets of war, resonate the hearts of attack
Murderous lust, of this destruction
Immaculate stature, faced with defeat
Wrath incarnate, angering the heavens

Powerful Rites
Obtained by the fallen
Prophecy of chaos
Revealing threat of return
These fading heavens
Omen of the trident
The dark heart of flame
Heed the call of lucifer's reign

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