Letra de Unmitigated Detestation - Dying Fetus

Letra de canción de Unmitigated Detestation de Dying Fetus lyrics

Superior class, a cut above, raised elite
Exclusive insight, exceptional, highly unique
A steady hand, sophisticated, groomed to lead
Extra is owed, from their deeds, pure demon seed
Affluent flow, irrational privilege, repugnance is born
Narrow the focus, indisputable, objects of scorn
Witness the snobs, flaunting their wealth, honor's disgrace
Widen the gap, tease the peasants, in your face

Wanting to destroy any semblance of success
Purge all possessions of he image you detest
Bought and paid for essentially what you are
Victor of the fixed, haters loathe from afar

Rampant jealousy over things that you desire
Covet thy neighbor, he must be cleansed with fire

Why does it belong to you?
And not to me?
You have to guard to own
It's mine, you will see

Absurd repulsion, disgust in the creators
Of the game that's been rigged
Not for you, you've been cheated
Deceived, and lied to
The victim, ready for revenge

Despise the prosperous, and reasons for your failure
Your trials trivialized, making you a hater
All of the obstacles, you overcame are dismissed
Condescending eyes, reflecting why you're pissed

Symbol of hatred, blatant deception, vile betrayer
Target of fury, fully deserving, and the heir's
Revolting presence, infamous incarnate, indignation
Patronizing, treacherous, degradation
Villainous traits, clearly exposed, barren souls
Genuine evil, inherently devious, reverence sold
Eradicate, exterminate, the pretentious prey
Filled with deceit, your God to meet, send you on your way
On your way

Superior, born worthy to be elevated
Tormented, that circumstance is your reality
Suffering, the equalizer brought forth through blood

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