Letra de UNFUTURE - Pain Of Salvation

Letra de canción de UNFUTURE de Pain Of Salvation lyrics

Welcome to the new world
A better and improved world
For our mankind

Welcome to the new world
Please wait in line
Just sign the dotted line, Sir
Don't waste our time

When the last drop of solidarity
From the age of Aquarius
Has boiled down to a tiny trickling stream
Little grey men peek out on us
Safe from thir bunker paper piles
You see...
They can kill but they don't like the wild

We know it all
But what have we learned?
We have it all
But what have we earned?
We control it all
But what do we yearn?
We stand so tall
But what have we burned?

Welcome to the new world
All want, no need
See, the less your heart is in it
The less you'll bleed

Welcome to the new world
Birthing the grind
Now we only need a new you
And you'll feel fine

Safe from the passionate storm wave
The hungry ocean of Life at our doorstep
Now still
We crawl out to rule another day
And we are happy
In our own detached little way
"Now may the ocean sleep forever"
We pray
"Let the weather stay mild"
We say
You see...
We can kill but we really don't like the wild

Welcome to the future
Welcome to the grind
Welcome to the new you
Just leave yourself behind

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