Letra de Unadulterated Hatred - Dying Fetus

Letra de canción de Unadulterated Hatred de Dying Fetus lyrics

Cold rage festers in my black earth, blind provoked by your hypocrisy
Boastful menace, vain disrespect, violent conflict is unavoidable
Veins on fire with lust to kill, locked intention, mind of obliteration
I...I can't wait to bathe in your blood, to destroy your ignorance

Someone goes down, too long endured
Mindless tension, it must end now

Frustration, exhausted patience, no chance, can't defeat me
Arrogance has blinded you, wrought with unmasked disdain
Vain threats, tolerated too long, now you don't deserve to live
Lost my fear, attack in anger, once my friend, you are my enemy
No way to retract your faith

When I finally snap, it's over, stomping out your fucking
Nothing but a vile infection, misery released
My bare hands become my weapons, killing with demonic wrath
You amount to less than nothing, why should you go on?

Morbid, hate transcends, murderous rage takes me
Violent obsession, cruelty, unrelenting, damage, aggression
Bludgeoning, overcome, worthless, piece of shit, execute, no remorse

Spend your life a lowly thug, getting off on others' pain
Scumbag die, incur street justice, favor to society
You've given me so many reasons to explode, tear you to pieces
Inclined to war, become your pain, this is what you get

I will be there as you die, you brought forth my worst abomination
Don't hear you, talking shit now, victim of your own ignorance
Your suicidal conflict, you pick the wrong motherfucker to fuck with
Better off dead, you'll be forgotten, annihilate your pathetic existence

Unadulterated hatred, as I rip your fucking face off
Unadulterated hatred, no regret can't change what I've done
Ultimate end obliteration

Uncontrolled hostile blood lust, grim instincts of destruction
Cold adrenaline, violent aftermath, hate filled soul
Dark intentions, sickening satisfaction

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