Letra de Top Off Benz (Feat. Young Thug) - Kodak Black

Letra de canción de Top Off Benz (Feat. Young Thug) de Kodak Black lyrics

Be in your broad
I'm 'bout to be in your broad

[Chorus: Young Thug]
Yeah, top off the Benz (top off the Benz)
Yeah, I done fuc*** all of her friends (her friends)
I done fuc*** all of her friends (fucked all of her friends)
Came here to party (skrrt)
Check out the options
I make a moshpit (woo)
I never forfeit (forfeit)
Chanel seats inside the car, dog (I got Chanel seats)
Chanel money, high as the stars, dog (I'm high as the stars)
Chanel outchea attractin' broads dog (new Chanel)
I'm 'bout to be in your broad, dog (dog)

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Money in every room that I walk in
I got pigeons in the coop and they chargin' in
Got the Hermès on my drawers as I walk through, nigga (I walk through, nigga)
If you see me, I got jewels, what it do (nigga, what it do, nigga)
Pull up, hop out a foreign whip
I got some guns in the pool pit
And with my car, got a full kit
Don't make me go brazy, go ludicrous
Been doin' for ages, you new to this
I look at the greatest like who is this?
I ball on 'em like I'm Peja Stojakovi?
I diggin' your bitch with a lot of dick
I'm promisin' to God, I'ma ball on you
I do it for the dogs that's behind the walls too
I ball with your broad, buy her Gucci, Jimmy Choos
Buy the bitch diamonds and the yellow pikachu

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