Letra de Tomb Omnia - Harakiri For The Sky

Letra de canción de Tomb Omnia de Harakiri For The Sky lyrics

You never were aware of me since you died certain years before my birth
I'm about your age now, soon to attain the days you lost your vital spark
Although you're not my father, I'm nevertheless your daughters' brother
We will never meet in person and I'll never lay roses, just thorns to your grave

It was more than three decades ago they found you close to the woods
Your gaunt dead body, held by nothing but this plaited noose
My sister was with them, till today she failed to forget
To her you will never age, your face will never grow old

These days of autumn at least wrecked their lives
And in the long run, somehow it too shattered mine
There's no way anybody will get well again
And in no way, anybody will be the same again

There is this graveyard far up in the mountains
We met up there in last winter's coldest night
When mom brought you dewy flowers
Like she did in all the years before

There's so much death up there
Especially at night
Maybe that's the reason
It's the only place I feel home
I can totally get your motives
As I know of severity too
I was always aware that nothing ends with suicide
I was always aware that people die from sadness

We move up to the gallows, straight up to the noose
In this state of depression there's no time left to loose
So we pour this tree, this life of reckless dedication
How couldn't we? Our coffin's shaped by its wood

I don't know if you care
But your old cabin still guards the gates to the woods
It's still watching the mountains grow
Watching all these years passing by
And after death almost seized it
We gave our best to fill it with life
It still looks the same like back in the old days
As you'd have left it just last June

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