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[Music - Nobeard | Lyrics - RedRum]

We stole your life, we thieved your being
A mob of panicked faces fleeing
'Tis simply a game of skill for us
A no-holds contest with zero fuss

We hoodwinked you of all your values
Heisted what you thought you knew
Embezzled your most sacred views
Scammed a blank slate to begin anew

We bamboozled your bankroll
Misappropriated all your goals
We cozened your control
At last, we've swindled your soul

Antediluvian age-old feelings
Leaves your wailing wits reeling
This is how we conduct our lives
We've no qualms with swiving wives

You gifted us another ghastly face
How does it feel to be replaced?
Your humdrum life just went to waste
From life's pages you have been erased

Day one, our integrity went out the door
So we decided to take some more of yours
It's something you can't buy in stores
And that's what happens to doltish whores

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