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Letra de canción de Time Flies Either Way de Dawes lyrics

Between the chemical trails in the morning
And the UFO's at night
The sky becomes a canvas
For my worst conspiracies
And through the storm clouds that were forming
More black and blue than white
I saw two shootin' stars as the getaway car
My life turned out to be

But my face is pressed against the window
While the traveled road lives up to its clichés
Desperately just tryin' to hold on to somethin'
'Cause I'm learning now that the time flies either way

I confuse a sense of purpose
With grabbin' the future by the throat
While the museum of my memories
Was just some blurry photographs
When I was younger I was serious
Now everything's a joke
But my friends detect a sadness
At the end of every laugh

Which has left me with a tricky sense of humor
I keep gettin' further led astray
Every punchline takes on another dimension
When you realize that the time flies either way

But at the height of this confusion
That's when your eyes met mine
I caught a small chance at salvation
Starin' right at me
I saw my boyhood reach conclusion
I saw a life spent at your side
I saw the permanent replacement
Of all the you's and I's to we

Findin' out that all my proudest moments
Will be spent tryin' to put a smile on your face
And I'm lettin' that fact answer all of my questions
'Cause I know now that the time flies either way
I know now that the time flies either way

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