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Letra de canción de This Is How It Feels de The Veronicas lyrics

You keep calling my phone nonstop
Don’t you know I won’t pick it up
You never leave a message
Look how you’ve changed
You got nothing to say
Getting in my way
Show up at my house
You’re getting so obsessive
Like I have time for you
Wasn’t it me you didn’t want?
Wasn’t it me who was hanging on?
Now I’m done but before I go
I want you to know
Chorus: This is how it feels
When you wait for a call
And it never comes
Lying awake at night
Cuz you miss someone
This is how it feels
When the trust you had is broken
And you’re left to burn
With your heart wide open
You want to meet up to tell me why
Why & how
You had the heart to fuck up my whole life
That’s just so you
Now I’ve moved on
Found myself
And maybe I won’t forgive
I’ll just forget you lived
And I hope it hurts
Wasn’t it me you tried to blame?
Wasn’t it me you threw away?
But before you go
There’s something you should know
You taught me how to hate you
And I was so in love
When I tried to save us
It was not enough
So what the hell is different
Cuz now that I am gone
You’re crawling back to tell me
I’m the one
This is how it feels
Do you only want me?
Cuz you can’t have me
Do you only want me?
Cuz I’m gone
(Repeat 3X)

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