Letra de The Wise Men's Journey [Instrumental] - Garth Brooks

Letra de canción de The Wise Men's Journey [Instrumental] de Garth Brooks lyrics


This piece was written by seeing the journey
of the wise men. The opening note on the piano
is the Star of Bethlehem. The shimmering is our
trip down from the Star to the sands that are lit
by the midnight sky. The first melody of music
is the first camel as it slowly passes by. When
the melody begins to harmonize with itself, we
see the secong camel pass. The third and final
camel begins the majority of the piece. In the
faces of the wise men we see weariness driven
by faith. The gifts they are bearing are ones of
request and honor. The music slows to reveal,
over the last hill of sand, the little town of
Bethlehem , the end of their journey and the
beginning of hope.

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