Letra de The Wandering - The Foreshadowing

Letra de canción de The Wandering de The Foreshadowing lyrics

Our souls are not ready for life
We're gonna have a fight
Our souls try to be swept from our bodies
Coming out to the streets
They'll complete what we did
Or what we wished to destroy.
They'll mess up despite the next
Outside our souls react to raging crowds. Tonight,
They'll kill and demonstrate what fight is all about.
Inside I'm wandering, wandering,
"what you're doing,
what you do has the logic of a soldier
and people will curse you"
Blood and Ruins, Blood and Ruins.
Our fragile conscience lies waiting for a war
where liars and honest fight to get some more.
Inside I'm wandering, wandering
"what you're doing,
what you do has no meaning
consider the fight all around."
Inside I am wandering, Inside I am wandering...

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