Letra de The Secrecy - Morifade

Letra de canción de The Secrecy de Morifade lyrics

We're moving on
To a place where we don't know
All lives will end
For the good and for the fool
Life's turning on
To pass by what's growing old
What we don't know is
Where we'll rise beyond our fall

Ivory mirrors in great halls
Will reflect our fate and guide the fall
Into nothingness, heaven or hell?

The day will come
When it's time to reach the gate
Enter the great halls
Where the mirrors seals our fate


It's a secret?
Will remain till the end
It's a secret?
Where our souls will transcend
It's a secret?
Will remain till the end
Then the answers will be told
To where in afterlife we're hold

Listen my friend
The fate lies in your hands
Will seal thy destiny
Don't know when?
It's all in secrecy


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