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Nails through His wrists, bled for sinners sake
God in human form, He died for you
Lamb of God, sacrificed on the cross
The third day He rose from the dead
Pain and all his suffering
Bled to wash away your sin
Tempted, but would not give in
He is blameless
Crown of thorns in His head
Spear pierced through His side
They crucified the Son of Man
He sacrificed His precious life for us
He died, giving all there was to give
He paid the price so all sinners could be free
He lives, never will He ever die, living in the hearts
Of all the children of God
Fear not, He is the living one
He rose from death and He wants you to accept Him
Knees fall, pray to the Son of God, reigning in His kingdom
Sheds His light upon the world
More than just a man who taught the Word of Life
And because of His miracles was crucified
He has all authority, not just a man, He is God
King of the Jews, hung on the cross
Put to death, so all could live
The new covenant, His body and blood shed
For the remission of sin
All who accept Him are forgiven
See the pain, in His eyes
He gave His life to die
Compassion, in His face
Came to save the human race
Jesus Christ is alive
All, hail the living God
Nails through His wrists, bled for sinners sake
God in human form, He died for you
To gain the righteousness of God
The way to receive it is
Through your faith in Jesus Christ
Whom you must believe in
All have fallen short of the glory of Almighty God
But justified through Christ
He sacrificed his precious life for us

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