Letra de The Night Is Ours (Acoustic Version) - Sonohra

Letra de canción de The Night Is Ours (Acoustic Version) de Sonohra lyrics

If you promiss you'll stay here forever
you could count on me to always be yours
and on each passing days we can still feel the same
cause our love is meant to be

There's a strong light, shining for your eyes
It is so bright that I can't hardly see
It reflects all the things that you hide in your soul,
things that make you truly free...

There's a reason
if we're here tonight,
there's a reason to stay up all night.
We don't need any where to go,
cause the night is all ours and bright tonight ?...

And I realized there's nothing to fear now,
just as long as I know that you're here
as you walk through my door it was clear,
you were true, you are breath inside of me.

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