Letra de The Lighthouse Keeper - Canaan

Letra de canción de The Lighthouse Keeper de Canaan lyrics

I'm lost in this world with my pace
everybody's far in this room
I'm alone

I'm freezed in this world with my bonds
everybody's near in this room
I'm constrained

How many days have I spent
in recalling the ghost of who I was
Deeply ashamed for this damnation
Pleased with these blunt thorns
in my heart

How many lights have I turned
at the seas in search of a course

Keeping myself in disarray
leaving that voice crying
out for my crimes

How many nights have I spent
trying to keep my soul in control

How many times have I said
I will do, I will change, I will go
shaken by the strength of those lies
blinded by the fear of those dreams
crushed by the weight of my sins

How many doors have I closed
trying to keep the countless
shadows out of here

But in the end I kept staying
in this lighthouse

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