Letra de The Knife, The Head And What Remains - Cryptopsy

Letra de canción de The Knife, The Head And What Remains de Cryptopsy lyrics

I'm waiting immobilized in Erickson, sitting bolt upright with eyes wide open
His voice swirling, echoing, making promises without end

At 6:55 the 1170 to Winnipeg
Left the cold dark damp bench behind at last

At first I did not notice him lurking quietly, the enemy
The Lord prepared me for this
The blade unsheathed, plunged mechanically upon his extraterrestrial façade

I could not stop until the creature was destroyed
After all it was going to devour us all
Attempting to stop me, he fought, begged and bellowed
The other passengers did not understand me, they could not see
The obscene animal, the sacrilegious putrid being
Was plotting murder, there was no other way out

I then took of its head
To show them how wrong they were

Then I tasted a little piece
A morsel of his lying flesh
His ear nose and tongue
I place in my pocket
They are mine now
To savor

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