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Letra de canción de The Inimical de The Legion lyrics

The archaic dagger gleams with a dismal light,
Inauspiciously biding, as with a mind. There's a voice in
The wind on this ancient night. A circle of candles and an
Altar to climb.

Scriptures bound in human skin.
A life to lose and worlds to win!

Procreating eternity in bloodstains on olden stone.
Sacrificial atonement: a gutted corpse; another soul in
The shrine made from human bones. Chants the choir of
Hooded spectators:

"Leave no truth to dwell the grave, but bear it through
The halls of timeless dusk! Preserve what flickers in the
Dark. With fire burn to black what needs the flesh!"

Rising from the vat; a forbidden fume, a dancing veil of
Peccant smoke. Lurking in the mist; claws and teeth and
Eyes, a spectral light in darkness cloaked, a quivering
Shadow cast from beyond. Alive, there are no ways to
Break the bonds!

Materializing; a winged abomination, risen from the
Depths of time. The inimical ? the unnameable inhuman
Evil in its prime.

The archaic dagger burns with a cruel glare in the circle
Of bodies, slain in a mess. There's a breath of the Beast in
The nightly air: an ungodly chill and a smell of death.

The inimical ? the unnameable.

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