Letra de The Great Divide - Scott Stapp

Letra de cancin de The Great Divide de Scott Stapp lyrics

I have run to the ocean, through the horizon
Chased the Sun, I've waited for the light to come,
And at times I would give up
You have wrapped your loving arms 'round me,
And with your love I'll overcome

You have loved me when I was weak
You have given unselfishly
Kept me from falling...
Falling everywhere but my knees!

You set me free, to live my life
You became my reason,
To survive the great divide
...You set me free

I've been on Heaven's doorstep,
With the door open, one foot inside
I've cried out, "God, give me answers!"
"Please hush child, I'll tell you why..."

You have loved me when you were weak
You kept giving unselfishly
Kept you from falling...
Falling everywhere but your knees!

[Chorus x2] ...You set me free, (x2)

Oh, our love is beautiful
Oh, oh-oh, isn't this beautiful?
Times have changed,
But you remain my everything
Our love is beautiful - Stood by my side
Helped me survive my great divide
Isn't this beautiful?

[Chorus x3] ...You set me free, (x3)

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