Letra de The Everlasting Muse - Belle And Sebastian

Letra de canción de The Everlasting Muse de Belle And Sebastian lyrics

I want to find this girl I know
I need to take her out
I set a snare in evening air
Made of faith and hope and doubt
Iwant to spend some time with her
learn the secrets of her trade
I wouldn't want to cross the line
Just look into the other side
Forbidden to my kind,
Forbidden to my kind

I'll never hang up with her lance?
Nor even-headed sprite?
I know I'll never dance like him
Or keep her up at night

I need to hang or run with her
I need to let her know
Her cause is mine I'm but a slave
I look into her wondrous gaze
and taste the strangest chord
and make the purest noise

What I would to do to meet the girl I saw out in the rain?
I sat near my window watching close, she will not fear again
Still polishing her crazy nail, still whispering careless drunk on song
If I could only right my wrongs and take her to my favorite place and (steal her melody?)
As I may only see her face dancing worries all away and music rushes in...

Listen to the sound of life dripping off the day
Wait for her but don't obsess, she will go the other way
Winds will blow and storms will rage, muses always sigh
Money tends to disappear, pity crumbles with the years
Music is for us
Music is for us


If I could only see her face and know that she was close
There is a deeper magic here than ever lasted years?
I love her danger for a nod, I love her silence for a dig
I know that I am in...****
She weaves her magic shape with skill and...****
**** the gift of modern rock, she says,
Be popular, play pop and you will win my love
Be popular, play pop and you will win my love

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