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Letra de canción de The Chosen de Brainstorm lyrics

Now I'm about to cross the line
An eye for an eye makes the world go blind
Am I losing my faith, while I'm telling you lies
Is this the end of my disguise?
The fear of life swallows me
I'm counting my blessings, you're haunting me
My heart's full of dread, in my sleep
All hopes and dreams are yours to keep

The cold feel of my skin, look into my soul
Under the weight of sin, I'm getting cold

Soon I'll let you go cause my heart will know
When all is said and done you could be the chosen one
Now allis said and done, now you are the chosen one

I was drowning in a sea of doubt
I've been blind but you pulled me out
Ain't no safe way anymore
Far off I see what I was living for
This pain inside I can't release
I'll try again but won't succeed
The fear eats me away inside
Please show me why I've been so blind

My heart grows weak and my heart grows tired
Sinking in my own fear when you step aside

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