Letra de The Beauty Of All Things - Kurt Elling

Letra de canción de The Beauty Of All Things de Kurt Elling lyrics

There is something within you.
There is something in everything that is:
Unbelievable beauty, flowing from deep inside.
Don't be shocked or surprised if I lift your disguise.
Realize that I can see it in all things, all, but especially you.

There is something we carry,
Like a rhythm that tells us who we are.
It's the rhythm of living. Hear, and we'll come to see
who we can really be-fore Time erases time.
It's sublime. And I can see it in all things, all, but especially you.

The time is upon us to lose our indifference.
For Time isn't holding us anywhere. I declare:
Life gives savoir faire.
Clean the windows of your inner star
And see things as they are:
An infinity of light like a torch in the night.
For the Sun and the Moon and the Stars
Are living within you.
You are shining in everything that is.

Here's what I see in your eyes right now:
Ten thousand lives over many years like leaves on the vine of this morning's glory,
The determination of years coming to fruition
In the ever-present now of your life, unfolding now in the flowering of days.
The constellation of stars in the sky are like a fugue of light in velvet hands.
The melody never ends, echoing again and again.
Nearer still sounds a melody leading through darkened rooms,
Playing like the Sun on the water; like its reflection in your downcast eyes.
When will you come to see you like I do?
And know you like I do? And hear you like I do?
And love you like I do?

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