Letra de The Battery Of Jaymz And Yoko - Beatallica

Letra de canción de The Battery Of Jaymz And Yoko de Beatallica lyrics

In Denmark we are lashing out action
Returning the reaction in France
Back across Germany, battery here to stay
Then raising Hell in the Netherlands
You know that it's easy, you know how hard we can be
The way things are going, can't kill the battery….battery!
In Paris we took over the Hilton
Ripped and tore away at the weak
The newspaper said, "the blood's running red
We're only trying to get us some peace!"
We're whipping up a fury nearly every day
Dominating flurry our goal
Smashing boundaries we said, "Lunacy til we're dead!
And you don't have a hope for your soul!"…..GO!
Fought the non-believers in London
The ones that said that we wouldn't last
They say that we're crass, that we got no class
To them I say, "Yoko up your ass!"

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