Letra de Tears - Breed 77

Letra de canción de Tears de Breed 77 lyrics

As we sent a bomb to melt away there sky
Lonley mother sighs no tears left to cry
Where are the angels now and why'd you have to die
No simple reason give, they always have to lie

How can we live with all this hate, how can we say things are not insane
It's just the same

We don't need your pointless war can u think what your fighting for
You dont listen to control when our life is all we own
We dont need to point them out
Like tears from heaven they fall

As we send our soldiers far away to die
Just a number now the fabric of the lie
While the children outside pointing at the sky
Look at your children now with murder in there eyes

Why dont they see it's not a game
Why do they say two words your not the same
Thats insane

(chorus) X 3 and fade out

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