Letra de Takin' Chances - Earth, Wind & Fire

Letra de canción de Takin' Chances de Earth, Wind & Fire lyrics

I like walkin' in the park late at night
Tryin' to run my motor down
Everybody says I live a dangerous life
I've got to get ahead somehow

Out here on the street just tryin' to get my own
Don't tell me what you think you know
Ooh, most people spend their time at home alone
Just waitin' for a check that won't show

Takin' chances
No risk, no gain
Takin' chances
I really don't mind the pain
Takin' chances
If you only knew
Takin' chances
It's all for the love of you

I don't like to listen to what people say (uh-huh)
'Cause once you start you'll never stop
One advantage to doing things my own way
I'll always end up on top


I've got to do it right,
Ooh I've got to
I've got to live my life
The way I want to

I'm high up on a wire,
Don't want to ever come down
And if I fall
I've got to fly

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