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Letra de canción de Sylvia de Pulp lyrics

You look just like sylvia: well you look like her to me
- the way she wore her hair then.
Oh, the way she used to be.
I've not seen her for a long time
Though i've heard she's still around.
Her father's living with some girl
Who's a year younger than her.
She's living in the country now yeah.
Oh, she's trying to get better.
Her beauty was her only crime.
Yeah, i remember sylvia.
So keep believing & do what you do,
I can't help you but i know things are gonna get better.
& please stop asking what it's got to do with you.
Oh, keep believing 'cos you know that you deserve better.
Who's this man you're talking to?
Can't you see what he wants to do?
He thinks if he stands near enough
Then he will look as good as you.
Oh, he don't care about your problems.
He just wants to show his friends.
I guess i'm just the same as him
- i just didn't know it then.
I never understood you really
& i know it's too late now.
You didn't ask to be that way.
Oh, i'm sorry sylvia.
Yeah you know that you deserve better. oh sylvia.

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