Letra de Surround Me - Scott Stapp

Letra de cancin de Surround Me de Scott Stapp lyrics

They say no man's an island,
But I tend to disagree
I guess they've never seen my island,
And where it lies at sea

I'm lost inside my memory - I'm still in disbelief
If I could paint a picture for you,
This is what you'd see...

I'm down on my knees,
Begging you to rescue me
Please stop me - Don't let me run
Surround me, (x2) ...now

A wounded man sounds desperate,
When he's lost all his belief
Can you look into my eyes,
And say you won't betray me?

We're running out of time
How precious time can be
I'm counting all the moments,
Of the times you could have helped me...

[Chorus x2] ...Surround me now, (x2)

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