Letra de Superstar Talking Blues - Edwyn Collins

Letra de canción de Superstar Talking Blues de Edwyn Collins lyrics

You say you've been abused
And I know that you're confused
But you know that don't excuse you,
I'm not saying you should keep schtum
But all this howling at the moon
It's a jester's token gesture
It's a joke that's gone too far
Still your entourage is laughing

'Cause they're mode to,
'Cause they're paid to,

You claim my words degrade you
I waylaid and then betrayed you
I even hear you threatening to resign
But how can I respect you?
For if I ever met you
That meeting was a fleeting blip in time
Now it's hello Motorolla
And goodbye rock and roller

'Cause there's bourbon in the cola,

Now Sirius is rising
Against a bloody red horizon
And the morning star s hiding
In deference to Mars
It's no time for compromising
With the madness they're devising
'Cause the dog days rays are deadly
As befits a rabid star
It's a season without meaning
It's deceiving and you're dreaming

'Cause you're not the voice of reason,

With your death metal laugh
And your cobwebbed lace shoes
And your mouldy old taste in bad rhythm and
And your cancer cell phone
And your yesterdays news
You're the unwilling king
Of the unwilling crew
Still they walk some way behind you

'Cause they're hollow,
And they follow,

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