Letra de Sunflower Princess - Refused

Letra de canción de Sunflower Princess de Refused lyrics

the weight of my words is not enough to make up for the words I didn't say
i'm sorry - didn't wan't to close the door
just afraid to suffocate inside this these arms where i'll find comfort
I will try not to break another mirror because that would be that I only break myself
my eyes have never felt so soar - if I had only known more
self centered - myself to blame - death is fucking you insane
a selfish boy with fear and doubt afraid to let it inside
I promised myself that I wouldn't break it another time
no questions asked through all the time - just answers taken
my guilt - my thoughts - my mind
where - who's to judge?
I think I need to breath - let the door be open
the only one who is choking me is myself
why can't I see that you are the sun - the rain - the fuel I need inside
why can't I see?
I will try - I won't listen - I will cry
sunflower princess

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