Letra de Sun (2006) - Halford

Letra de canción de Sun (2006) de Halford lyrics

I want to steer for the Sun
For the day has begun
It's saying, it's saying

My soul just wanted to freeze
To collapse and to seize
From the waiting

You know it matters to me
That I have to rage free
I was longing

All that I feel is my soul
I will never let go
What I crave for

All of the things that you need
Are the things that you bleed
Here 'em calling?

And when the world becomes too much to me
That's when I know that I can't stay
I'm searching for my own serenity
I know I have to get away

I want to steer for the Sun
For the day has begun
Here it calling?

It's calling
It's calling
It's calling


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