Letra de Sublime - Scott Stapp

Letra de cancin de Sublime de Scott Stapp lyrics

I will follow you through Heaven, Earth & time
Will you be there for me,
When I reach the end of the line?
So can you guarantee for all eternity?
Sublime... Sublime

If we just carry on, we will find a way?
If it's our destiny, can you & me just be sublime?
Be sublime

Will you follow me?
A shoulder's sometimes nice
I will be there for you,
When a safety net feels right
So give your hand to me
When you need anything, sublime... sublime

[Chorus] ...Be sublime, (x2)

Hush now, darling, don't you cry
Every little thing is gonna' be alright
Hush now, child, don't say a word
Trying to sing a song 'bout Heaven on Earth...
Sublime... Sublime... (x2)

[Chorus x2] ...Be sublime, (x2)
...So can you guarantee for all eternity?
...Sublime ...Sublime

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