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Letra de canción de Strike Back de Steeler lyrics

Living in frustration, on every occasion
You are treated like a fool
They make you look silly... day by day
Try to make them see who you want to be
But they can't just understand
And you realize... that there's no way, no way

[Chorus 1:]
But on the Saturday night the chains of oppression fall down
Riding the highway, know it is your way
Rock them all to the ground
Coming alive... when the nighttime is calling
Hit the streets, thunder rolling

[Chorus 2:]
Strike back
Then you strike back, breaking the spell
Strike back
Uuh, you strike back, blasting the cell

Back against the wall, you know you won't fall
On your knees, no, not at all
When you're in the pack you're... not to tame
You shall be a tool... of the ones that rule
An easy guided, aimless guy
They all try to bent you... but in vain, yeah

[Chorus 1 and 2]

[Chorus 1 and 2]

Strike back
Then you strike back
Strike back
Then you strike back, breaking the spell

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