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Letra de canción de Stories de Sia lyrics

How can I climb inside you
The way that you're climbing inside me
How could I ever deny you
The way that you never deny me
How can I climb inside you
Touching the parts that people really see
How can I open and find you
And feel you the way that you want me to feel

I want you to know what I'm thinking of
I want you to read my mind before I write it
I want you to know that I have stories to tell
I wanna tell you a little bit more
How do I get to align with you
[?] times I will see
If we can piece together something
Or something else that will be

Can't believe that you're less
I'm still not against your will
A change that you really want too
If I pour it all out
Will you still have no doubt
There's a reason or two that you are too

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