Letra de Stagnant Pond - Ludicra

Letra de canción de Stagnant Pond de Ludicra lyrics

Be still, remain still
Do no unveil
The stained and marked
Portrait of your soul

A sweaty coated expression
Will not hide
All blundering misjudgement
No pardon for your past crimes

The archaic soured plight
Slumbers in stagnant ponds
Reflecting lost time

This uneasy embrace
This reluctant form
This stubborn mule
This tarnished view
Fractured hopes unfolding

When light shines on
The shaded one
We are not freed from the damage done

Snarls are heard atop the heads
Angry hollow eyes see red
Memories peer from behind
Redeem for light that overshines

To be the prize
Top be the burden

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