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Letra de canción de Spirit Of The Buffalo de Ted Nugent lyrics

I will not go like the buffalo,
nobody can track me down,
I'll make my stand like a buffalo,
make my way to higher ground,
people come from far away,
brought the plow and the will to stay,
they broke ground and their promises,
now we pray for a brand new day
what would ya do for the buffalo?
Sacrifice everything you own?
Give up your life and security
would you give them back their home?
Don't pretend they they disappeared,
we killed em off with electricity,
but now they're back on sacred ground,
we celebrate that spirit free...
I got the spirit of the buffalo
Spirit of the buffalo
Spirit of the buffalo
Welcome home the buffalo,
his return will cleanse the soul,
where he roams the spirit soars,
his thunder gives us hope,
let's not repeat the sins of our past,
show respect for the thunderbeast,
like bloodbrothers we will last,
his sacred flesh will be our feast...

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