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I never get the chance to thank the world, it seems
For letting you and I live out our wildest dreams.
We'll all turn into pumpkins one fine day?
So before the chimes of midnight, I would just like to say

Special thanks to the waiter for the table with a view
Of ocean waves and the sunset, as my eyes sank into you.
Special thanks to the waiter, all my best to the sun...
Special thanks everyone.

Kind regards to the vendor selling pretzels in the park
While copper leaves spun around us, and the dusk became dark.
Kind regards to the pretzels, all my best to that fall,
And special thanks one and all.

If love is like a play, I think it's time at last
For us to praise our lights and sound and all-star cast.
I'm grateful for a world that gave me you
And I really must give credit where credit is due:

I'm in debt to a city that put dreams within our reach
I can't forget to be thankful for the hillside and the beach
Bless the day that I met you, can't repay what I owe
And I know what I owe is long past overdue
But endless thanks...
Timeless thanks...
Special thanks to you.

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